Sliding Gates

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Sliding gates are an excellent way of creating more useable space for parking from the area which would have been required for swing gate opening.

Sliding gates are also a practical solution where the driveway slopes up and away from the gates, where the slope would have prevented swing gates from opening.

Any of our steel or timber gate designs can be supplied as Tracked sliding gates, with or without automation.

We also supply and install our City gate designs as Cantilever sliding gates.

The automation requirements of Tracked and Cantilever sliding gates are very similar.

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Tracked Sliding Gates

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Any of our steel or timber gate designs can be supplied as a tracked sliding gate, with or without automation.

The usual arrangement is for a single gate to slide across the opening, requiring a space for the gate to move into which is somewhat greater than the size of the gate opening. Where space is more limited, tracked sliding gates can also be supplied as a pair of bi-parting gates.

Two fairly unobtrusive easy-roll wheels are fitted under each gate. A steel track of almost double the gate opening size must be concreted into the ground. The gate is supported by rollers mounted on a roller post.

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Cantilever Sliding Gates

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Our City wrought iron style steel gate designs can also be installed as a Cantilever sliding gate. A Cantilever sliding gate does not require a track across the opening and so the driveway surface is not usually disturbed in installation. Cantilever sliding gates are also generally quieter and smoother in operation.

A cantilever gate is supported on precision made carriages fixed to a substantial concrete foundation to counter balance the gate overhang. The total length of the gate is 50% larger than the opening so that the gate is cantilevered when closed. The side space required for a cantilever gate is therefore greater than that required for a tracked gate.

40% of the gates we install are sliding gates.

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