Cedar Gates

- steel frame -

Our Cedar gates provide handsome privacy as well as security. The steel frame construction combines the beauty of cedar timber with the strength of steel.

The steel frame provides the necessary strength and stiffness to support the attachment of gate automation.

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All gates are made to order.

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construction guide

Heavy duty robust construction.
Swing: Steel frame 40 x 40mm box.
Sliding: Steel frame 50 x 50mm box.
Infilled with carefully selected planed, tongued & grooved 20mm Western Red Cedar boarding.

Each board is bolted (using stainless steel bolts) to the steel frame and steel cross bracing, ensuring rigid and robust gates.

All the timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests.


As standard, all metalwork for these gates is coated with Anti-corrosive primer with a tough satin finish Black topcoat, and all timber has two generous coats of preservative applied.

Why do we use Western Red Cedar for our Timber Gates ?

Quite simply for its natural beauty, durability and stability !

Western Red Cedar is amongst the world's most durable woods

Properly finished, Western Red Cedar will last for decades, even in harsh environments. Its natural resistance to moisture and decay make it the ideal choice where it is exposed to sun, rain, heat and cold all year round.

Western Red Cedar is more stable than most softwoods

Western Red Cedar has low density and shrinkage factors and lies flat, stays straight, and holds fastenings tightly.

Western Red Cedar is sourced from sustainably managed forests

Our timber supplier confirms that the mill which produced this material (imported from British Columbia in Canada) is registered under the PEFC to provide this assurance.

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Hardwick cedar design - with Strand wrought iron scrolls and finials top.
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Marlow, featuring Western Red Cedar boards in a chevron pattern.
Hardwick Rear View
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Rear view of a Cedar Hardwick Gates with BFT IGEA automation.
Hardwick Front View
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Front view of a Cedar Hardwick Gates with matching side panels.